PADI Divemaster

padi-divemasterBecome a PADI Divemaster and gain the freedom to work in your passion all around the world...

If you are considering taking the next step and becoming a professional diver, join us with our PADI Divemaster Course with New Way Diving. You’ll be joining the best Divemaster program Koh Tao has to offer thanks to the advantage of 2 dive boats, in-house Nitrox and guaranteed Sail Rock Trips

New Way Diving’s PADI Divemaster Course program includes

  • 2 months of Unlimited Diving
  • At least 2 Trips to Sail Rock for Fun Diving experience
  • All PADI materials
  • Individually catered course for each DMT
  • FREE DSD Internship - teach DSDs yourself
  • Includes all equipment rentals



The PADI Divemaster Course with New Way Diving offers you the chance to leave your office life behind, and gain the ability to work around the world for the largest and most recognized certification agency in the world - PADI. This will allow you to work around the world to a depth leading people on dives, assisting with students in training, coordinating Dive Shop logistics, and even conducting some courses individually.


We run the course over two months, with most people completing the course in around 6 weeks. During this time, other than completing up to 5 dives every day, we run each intern through more in depth diving theory, shallow water skill developments, Deep Diving and Navigation workshops, as well as have you assist with multiple students in training.

Part of the beauty of joining New Way Diving for this course is that all this training takes place with our experienced Western Instructors in small groups to assure each candidate receives adequate attention and time to improve on their Divemaster ability. You will be assigned a mentor when you start, who's job is to be your main reference. However, due to the nature of our shop, and the fact that all our Instructors teach courses of every level, you will become involved with every instructor and Divemaster, and become more like a part of the New Way Diving Family. 

As your PADI Divemaster Course continues, and your ability grows, you will be given increased responsibility, from choosing the dive sites, helping with shop logistics, assisting and conducting various courses, as well as leading certified divers on tours of our fantastic dive sites.

The Schedule

Unlike many of our other courses, the PADI Divemaster Course is individually catered and scheduled. As mentioned, most people complete the course in around 6 weeks. However, some candidates prefer to get it done faster so that they can attend an Instructor Course on a certain date. 

divemasterHowever, there are a few key sections that will be worked upon during your Divemaster Internship with us. The first is Theoretical. You will be given a rough outline on the structure in which your theory is to take place. By the end of week 4 we try to have most of our Divemaster Candidadtes finished with their book work since this is the least exciting part of your time with us. There are also then 2 multiple choice exams which take place around week four or five. Our team of instructors will sit down with you regularly to review where you are at, cover theoretical knowledge and give presentations to develop your more rounded understanding of the dive theory.

The second segment is dive confidence. The best way a person learns to dive, and gains confidence, is by diving. This is why we offer unlimited diving throughout your training with us. Our 2 boats leave twice per day; 06:00 with a return of 10:00, and again at 12:00 with a return of 17:00. On top of this we also do multiple night dives each week which take place between 18:30 and 20:30. Thanks to our two boats, we also run repeated specials, such as late night dives on more distant sites like Chumphon Pinnacle. This confidence training takes place over the entire course, with you initially being teamed with one of the other Divemaster Trainees to explore the sites and learn by your mistakes. A common issue we find with all DMT's is that they get lost... A lot.... In reality this happens to all of us, albeit a little bit less. By getting lost, we are able to debrief and discover the mistakes we made, and grow from this. There will be repeated sessions leading each other, as well as leading some of the instructors around the dive sites. This will also develop your diving ability as a whole, which brings even more confidence.

The third main segment, which again takes place over the duration of the course, is assisting with students. As a PADI Divemaster you can assist with students in training, as well as Scuba Reviews, unlike with other agencies. As a result the PADI Divemaster Course has much more focus on assisting with students in training, developing your demonstration level skills, and conducting programs such as Scuba Reviews and Discover Scuba Diving. Initially you will take a back seat to develop your knowledge in the training activities, but by the end of the course you will be conducting a number of the skills in each session to a demonstration standard and conducting complete Scuba Review and DSD programs. padi-divemaster-course

We also offer a free DSD Internship to our Divemasters, which takes place at the end of your training with us if there is enough time. It is a separate course from the Divemaster, and designed as an add-on which will then allow you to teach Discover Scuba Diving to people around the world to two students at a time, which increases your employability.

We do not include accommodation in this course price. However, we do have a number of places that we work with that have monthly accommodation on offer, starting with a private fan room with TV and private bathroom for only 7,000 THB per month. If you would like more informaiton simply send us an email with your requirements and we will be happy to help!

What's Next

he PADI Divemaster is your tool to making your passion into an employment option. Divemasters around the world enjoy a relaxed lifestyle doing what they love; leading dives and assisting with bringing the diving passion to other people. As a result, there are a number of people who stay at this level and continue at this level for their professional diving career. New Way Diving often employ DMs that have trained with us since they already adapt to our systems. And when we don't need staff, we have contact with a number of dive shops that do, and can assist with getting your paid PADI work.

However, for some, the passing of knowledge and love for the underwater environment becomes intoxicating, and as such, they choose to continue with the PADI Instructor Course, which is again something we can help you with if you send us a message!



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