PADI Reactivate

padi-reactivateAre you already a certified diver, but haven't been diving for a while? Our staff will help you to go diving again in a safe manner. New Way Diving takes pride in its safety record, and conducting the PADI Reactivate course is one of the tools we use to create a safe environment for confident divers. It really doesn’t matter how long you haven’t dived for....

New Way Diving’s PADI Reactivate program includes

  • Theory review with your Divemaster
  • Shallow water skill rehearsal
  • 2 Dives
  • Pickup service from pier on arrival
  • In Ocean Training - no pools
  • Includes all equipment rentals



A scuba diving license lasts for life, however, unlike those fortunate enough to be working here at New Way Diving, most people don't dive regularly.


The PADI Reactivate program is designed to help ease people back into the water, and includes 2 dives. It is recommended for anyone that has not been diving for a period of 1 year or more. During the afternoon session you will rehearse some theory and review some basic diving skills in shallow water before progressing into a dive. 

New Way Diving offer a maximum group size of 4 students to 1 of our experienced divemasters, assuring that each student receives ample attention, allowing them to qualify as a more than competent diver while have great, safe fun! If smaller instruction is desired, please request on the email and we are happy to arrange! 

The Schedule

The New Way Open Water Diver Course is designed to be flexible, and we offer it as such. However, in our 20+ years of experience we have found the below to be the most suitable, and how we usually run it;

Day 1 10:00 - 10:30 Complete paperwork & review core information with Divemaster
  11:45 - 17:00 Shallow Water Skills Review & 2 dives

What's Next

This scuba review session is designed for people to get comfortable before progressing with their diving. Once completed you may decide to start one of our many course, such as the Advanced Open Water Course, or try a specialty, such as Enriched Air Nitrox, or else, you can continue diving with us as and enjoying the multitude of beautiful Koh Tao Dive Sites that we are happy to dive daily!





Dorm Rooms

Koh Tao has a number of lovely dorms of varying budgets. When completing the Courses with us the dorms we use are listed here.

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Beach Huts and Luxury Villas

Time to splurge - it's holiday time! Accommodation and villa options from 3,000 THB per night and upwards.

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