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Jellyfish and diver, koh tao marine lifeNew Way is proud to be different since we feel this offers all of our customers a better experience. Find out more below...

We’re a diver’s dive shop at New Way Diving and we have your interests at heart with our varied and exceptionally affordable fun diving.

We’re never over crowded, have two custom fitted dive boats, which both offer up to 5 dives a day. We also make sure to keep the Koh Tao Dive Sites as varies as possible, meaning you get to visit all of the best dive sites Koh Tao has to offer, rather than constantly visiting the same ones.

Some of what we consider our key benefits are as follows;

  •  Dive in Peace - We get our customers to Koh Tao's Dive morning dive sites first
  • Dive the best  - With two boats we go more places and guarantee Sail Rock 3 times per week
  • Dive Longer - New Way Dive up to 1 hour and have 15 liter tanks available if needed
  • In House Nitrox - we are one of the few places on the island offering Nitrox for those extra long dives and added safety 


Our Schedules

New Way Diving are proud to have 2 Dive Boats that allows us a huge amount of flexibility, and lets us do things differently. Every day our boats go out, and below you can see our schedules;

Diver diving around koh tao dive site, koh tao diver

Morning Dives - 05.45 – 10.30
Each morning we depart at 05:45 from the shop and head out for two dives. Our morning dives are the deeper of the day, with usually a trip to either Chumphon Pinnacles, Southwest Pinnacle, Shark Island, the HTMS Sattakut Wreck, Hin Wong Pinnacle, Green Rock and similar. We usually return to the shop around 10:30 allowing for either an early lunch before our afternoon trip, or else leaving you to enjoy the rest of your day on Koh Tao.

Every Tuesday and Friday we head to Sail Rock for a 3 dive trip, providing the weather is suitable


Afternoon Dives - 11:45 - 17:00

Our afternoon sessions depart the shop at 11:45 for two dives. The afternoon dives are generally at the shallower dive sites around Koh Tao, such as Twin Peaks, Japanese Gardens, Aow Leuk, White Rock and similar. Depending on your experience we often offer certified divers the opportunity for a drop off dive, so that you have a longer one way dive into where the boat is moored.

Night Dives - 18:30 – 20:30

We go night diving

 whenever people want to go night diving. We depart the shop at around 18:30 depending on the time of year, and head to one of the many dive sites around Koh Tao. Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page for specials!

Sail Rock Dives - Monday / Friday 06:00 - 15:00      - Wednesday 06:00 - 13:00

Another Whale shark around Koh Tao

Every Monday and Friday we depart for Sail Rock for a full day of diving with 3 dives. The first two dives take place at Sail Rock, while the third dive is at on of the other beautiful locations that we pass on the return journey, such as Southwest Pinnacle and Shark Island. Each of these sites is suited for a novice or experienced diver and offers a great day to those that join. We also offer discounted Nitrox Courses for those joining these trips, which will then allow you to maximize your dive times while at these sites. The trip includes Breakfast, Lunch and refreshments, which can be enjoyed up to our return at around 15:00.

Every Wednesday we depart for a 2 dive day at Sail Rock, and then a return straight back to Koh Tao. This trip includes Breakfast and Lunch as well as soft drinks and other refreshments. 

What's included & Pricing
What's Included
  • 1 Fun Dive       - 1,000 THB
  • ​2 Fun Dives     - 900 THB each
  • 3-5 Fun Dives  - 800 THB each
  • 6-9 Fun Dives  - 700 THB each
  • 10+ Fun Dives - 650 THB each 
  • Night Dive        - +200 THB (Torch Rental)
  • Sail Rock 2 Dives       - 2,600 THB
  • Sail Rock 3 Dive Trip  - 3,200 THB
  • Full Equipment Rental
  • Local Guide
  • 4:1 Diver to Guide Ratio
  • Tea, Coffee, Water, Biscuits and Fruit

*Please note if you have your own equipment you will receive a 5% discount on all dives


Diving with Batfish, Koh Tao Marine Life

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